Monday, February 25, 2013

Traditional Hunting Pouch Construction Class with T.C. Albert

 Traditional Hunting Pouch Construction Class with T.C. Albert
  May 6-7, 2013, NMLRA Education Building, Friendship, IN

Dennis Glazner, one of the moderators of the ALR, posted this about T.C. who is also one of the ALR  moderators. 

 In this two day class you will learn many of the old time leather working and pouch making techniques by studying a variety of original pouches. Then you learn how to apply these techniques to your own pouch making. Besides the hands on individual instruction in professional style pouch construction from one of today’s top traditional pouch makers, each student will be provided with everything needed to make their own authentic hunting pouch, including precut leather pieces and strapping, harness needles, waxed linen cord, a proper leather awl, and a strap buckle.

Topics covered in the two day seminar will include traditional pouch design, authentic construction techniques, materials, finishes and the use of traditional leather working tools. Besides the collection of original pouches and accoutrements, an extensive working collection of antique leather tools will be available for the class to study as well. Class fee, which includes materials, is $175.00.

To register, contact the NMLRA, call 1.812.667.5131, or

T.C. is also the author of Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch.

Copy by Dennis Glazner of the ALR with poster design by Jan Riser.

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