Monday, February 18, 2013

Creek Inlaid Pipe Tomahawk by Todd Bitler

This is a hand forged head replicated from a Creek original located in a museum. The head has a straight sided bowl with a hand filed rope design bordering both ends (at the opening and back). The neck is stepped with a chevron where it meets the eye. The eye of this tomahawk is round with a blade molding and a curved leading edge. The underside of the blade has two notches where the eye and blade adjoin. The hickory handle has been hand shaped and drilled with three pierced pewter bands, meaning the wood pertrudes through the band like the original. The pewter mouthpiece has four rectangular piercings that displays the handle wood through the pewter. The handle was stained a deep red simulating the finish of the original. The head has been aged and rubbed back emulating the patina of the original as well. It is stamped with a touchmark.

Copy and photos from Todd Bitler.

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