Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hunting Bag by Chase Davies

Here is a Hunting Bag I made last year.  The bag is an improvement on some of my earlier designs, but a blunder in the choice of inks used in the drawing on the front flap.  Calligraphy ink was used towards the end, a little too late (should have stopped as soon as a problem was discovered).  It proved to be a true black and did not bleed or smudge as easily as the others did.  A lesson learned.  Experiment first next time on a small scrap piece.

The bag is 7" x 8", made of vegetable and chemically tanned cow and elk hides, a badger pelt, and features 2 gusseted compartments and one rear pocket.  The rear main gusseted compartment is 2" deep and is enclosed by the mask flap. The flap is designed to be able to be kept open during use, hanging down the back of the bag thus allowing for easy access to its contents while on the trail or at the range.  The inside of the flap features a representation of the "Plan of Salvation" of my own creation.  The front compartment tapers from 0 to 1" and has a pewter button flap.  The two compartments are separated by a welt that is integrated with the front compartment flap.  On the rear of the bag there is an integrated pocket hidden by the fur.  All compartments and pockets are fully lined in black velvet.  Hand stitching was done with artificial sinew.  The strap is a 1 1/2" belt.

Copy and photos supplied by Chase Davies.

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