Saturday, February 23, 2013

French "Petit Calumais" Pipe by Ken Hamilton

A fine ca. 1730 - 1760 French "petit calumais". This nice little pipe is made of red pipestone from Minnesota (also called Catlinite), and various pipes of this stone have been found as far East as the Mohawk Valley...but this stone is rarely if ever seen on keel pipes in the St. Lawrence Valley or Acadia/New Englandand... although this particular bowl shape is typical of the St. Lawrence Valley. However, three "St. Lawrence Valley Style" octagon, flaring bowls were found at Michilimackinac, an one was made of Red pipe stone. 13% of historic period "petit calumais" found in the Quebec region were of "RED" stone but these may or may not be "catlinite"? Square or Octagon bowls are even found in mid 17th cent. sites in Quebec (Montreal area),

Regardless, this bowl decoration is like one of the Michilimackinac examples, as is the keel base SHAPE, but the added chip carving decoration is pure "St. Lawrence/Acadia".  

Fire blackened "red dogwood" stem.

Copy and photos supplied by Ken Hamilton.

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