Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mike Davis


Photos supplied by Mike Davis.


  1. Mike
    Builds some of the finest Long rifles In my humble opinion.
    He build me a Almost direct copy of a Jos. Bogle Rifle But with his Own special Touches.
    To say it is a work of art would be a understatement.
    Ta Fowler

  2. Beautiful as always . Mike builds a great gun. Wish it were mine.

  3. Thanks guys, I may be in Mississippi but my hearts always in woodbury when I'm in the shop. Thanks Jack, Hershel,Frank,and John for sharing and all that you do, mike

  4. Gary Tingler said

    Mike is a fantastic Builder and artist,i have been a longrifle fanatic since i was 10 years old.mike just built me the finest rifle i have ever owned. he treats you like a family member.i recommend his services highly and wish him all the best in life.

  5. Lucas Hougland -

    I recently had Mike build me a .62 caliber smoothbore and now he's working on my second build (45 woodbury). The entire process has been fantastic. He truly does treat you like family and walks you through the build details step by step if need be. I find it very refreshing that Mike is not arrogant when it comes to his talent. He simply loves doing it and does not see the need to overcharge his customers. His work is worth every penny of the cost. I would highly recommend contacting him if you wish to own one of these fine works of art.


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