Tuesday, December 13, 2011

James Blake Black Steatite Pipe

This Black Steatite Pipe was inspired by a original pipe that is in the National Museum of Liverpool (King's Regiment Collection). I'd like to mention the original was made with Catlinite I've used a Steatite from Quebec in it's stead. Steatite is a compact rock of 90% Talc and the remainder Silicates (chlorite) and Magnesium Carbonates. A Copius amount of stone pipes where made from this material. I use the resporator as a safety precaution to save some wear and tear on my health. I used various files and good old steel wool in the finishing process, with a coat of beeswax and alot of hand rubbing the stone goes from a grayish hue to the black color we are familiar with. 

Copy and photos supplied by James Blake.

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