Friday, December 30, 2011

Hunting Pouch by Maryellen Pratt with Tim Crosby Horn

This authentically styled set would make a perfect companion to a later Southern rifle. The pouch is 7 3/4" high by 7" wide, made of bark tanned deer hide and hand stitched with linen thread. The straps are made of cowhide and a rectangular iron buckle provides adjustment. A banded horn by Tim Crosby with chestnut colored band and applied horn tip hangs from the pouch's straps. The knife is an antique bone and pewter handled table knife "converted" for use as a patch knife - this is an authentic detail occasionally seen on original pouches. The knife is fitted with a rawhide lined sheath attached to the strap. A simple vent pick and a powder measure made from a green horn tip complete the set.

Copy and photos supplied by Maryellen Pratt.

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