Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Antique Queen Anne Pistol

The first time I was at the Washington Crossing State Park Museum I saw in some of the cases several (about 4) Queen Anne pistols from British Revolutionary War officers. I was fascinated with these beauties! So I searched for over two years for an original one. Last week I visit the biggest gun show here in Germany and I found a very nice one. The pistol is marked E. North Roy l Exchange, London with sterling silver decor. Very good condition of the lock and the spring, also inside the barrel. My research of the pistol was that it was build around 1779, the caliber is 60. With a good sharp flint the lock produce a lot of sparks. So I´m proud to own another piece of history.

Copy and photos supplied by Manfred Schmitz.

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  1. Beautiful Piece! I didn't even know about these early breech-load pistols before. Thanks for sharing.


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