Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eric Kettenburg's Shop Cat

That's a feral cat.  He's been hanging around for almost 2 years, living under the shop.  He would disappear in the winters - I don't know where he was going or how he lived - but then show up again in the Spring.  I would leave food out for him, but none of us could ever get even remotely close to him.  Finally, in September (this year), I took a day and just sat still near the food bowl with some cheap bologna.  Deli meat!  That's what did it.  Within a week, I had him eating from my hand, then living in a pile of hay under the back overhang, then following me around meowing at me incessantly, and now living in the shop and driving me completely nuts.  He meows at me and is underfoot all day long.  All he wants to do is sit on my lap.  He's probably gained about 10 pounds too.

Copy and photos supplied by Eric Kettenburg.



  2. We had a beautiful Gray Manx cat do the same thing to us. God creatures operate in mysterious ways

  3. Nice little have a good heart.

  4. We have a feral who we live trapped at the local C-store with its sibling.
    We kept one and the vets had to remove a leg off the other. "Tripod" was taken by another family.
    Many ferals just won't let a human close. Congrats.
    Ours is now on a diet BTW....

  5. You've been adopted. Consider it a backhanded grace.

  6. My cat adopted a feral kitten, I let him keep her-but she stayed wild. She would yowl for food sometimes, but never could get close to her. She eventually drifted away to be seen rarely, but gifted me with her first-born litter! She dropped them out near the outbuilding where i fed them. Only saw her few times since, and that litter made some great cats, now in second generation.


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