Monday, December 5, 2011

Stolen Items from Lord Nelson's Gallery

Lord Nelson's Gallery was burglarized while we were closed for Thanksgiving and a number of contemporary accoutrements were stolen. Below are photographs of all the stolen pieces, with the exception of the kentucky longrifle for which we have no photo at this time. You will also find a description of the items.  

German Silver bladed pipe tomahawk by Steve Lodding. Approximately 20” long, curly maple handle, poured pewter circular and patterned designs in handle. Mouthpiece and end plug made of turned antler.

Spiked Ball club war club w/ tassels by Steve Lodding. Approx. 25" in length with blade and tacks on the ball end. The tacks on the ball are brass. There is a rawhide wrap up on the neck that has a design painted with Catlinite dust and oil and the handle has a twisted rawhide wrap. The bottom of the handle is carved to resemble a deer hoof. The tassels on the end are leather and brass cones, Cobalt discs and round beads, and small cheverons and they are all original strung on braintan deer.

Mini Quilled “canoe” neckknife with sheath by Shawn Webster. Approximately 5” long neck knife, not including the neck strap. Knife handle is curly maple - blade may be 2-3”long, and has a canoe design maker’s mark on the upper part of the blade where it reaches the handle. Sheath is leather with dyed porcupine quills decorating its front and edges.

Quilled “fox” neckknife with quilled sheath by Shawn Webster. Approx 10” long without strap.  Medium sized knife, maybe 4” blade. Knife made by Tim Ridge and has a running fox logo in blade. Knife handle is completely wrapped in dyed porcupine quills. Sheath is leather with dyed porcupine quill decoration.

Quilled neckknife with bone handled knife by Shawn Webster. Approx 10” long without strap. Approx 4-5” bladed knife, dagger configuration with antique bone handle and turned brass end cap on handle. Quilled sheath with leather neckstrap – decorated with a few beads.

Gunstock war club by John Barrett. Approximate 25” long, curved gunstock war club - dark wood finish. Some decorative carving in handle. Club had a spiked blade inserted in the side. Club stand as shown in photograph was NOT taken.

Patch knives by John House: (Photos shown are almost identical to the two that were stolen). 2 very small (approx. 2” blade) patch knives. Handforged, wooden handle, metallic disc on butt end of handle. Maker’s mark include a “JH” (for maker John House) and has two small heart shaped logos in addition on blade.

.50 caliber Kentucky longrifle by John Barrett. Flintlock longrifle. Barrel maker’s name “Lyle Guinner” (spelling may not be exact) is on top of barrel. Wooden sliding patch box, relief carved butt of the “Christian Springs” school.

We would appreciate any help offered in keeping your eyes open for these items, or helping to spread the word. The police were notified immediately and are continuing their investigation. If you would like more information, have any suggestions, or hear of anything regarding this theft, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much.

George Lower
Lord Nelson's Gallery - Gettysburg, PA
717.334.7950 ~ 800.664.9797

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