Thursday, December 29, 2011

18th Century Flintlock Tinder Lighter

I have something new in my collection it's a still working early 18th century Flintlock Tinder Lighter. Just the screw from the trigger needs a little repair but it`s already done by myself. It's very easy to light a candle with a tinder lighter like these. All what you need to do is to fill the big pan with good charcloth; cock the hammer; shut the frizzen and pull the trigger like a flintlock gun. Than you need a small wooden stick that was first dipped in meltet sulfur; stick this one in the already glowing charcloth; blow to hold the glow and you will see that the sulfur stick begin to burn like a match and now you can light your candle. It`s a great experience to light the fire the same way like people do it in the 18th century.

Copy and photos supplied by Manfred Schmitz.
Greetings from Germany

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