Saturday, March 17, 2012

Antique Jaeger

Additional photos where shown here.

You may also note there is no butt plate and a slight concavity to the bottom of the toe.

The triggers are a bit unusual.  They are built in a "box" with a pin holding the trigger box in place. When assembled it looks like the tang bolt goes through to the plate but it does not, just a big handmade wood screw.

1.215 a breech
 .980 at waist about 7 inches from muzzle
1.125 at muzzle 

length 24 3/8 


7 grooves
land to land diameter.550
grove to grove .630

The lock has a French hammer that is out of place. The lock itself looks Swiss, or at least like the Swiss lock that Gary Brumfield shows on a Jaeger on his website. The trigger box shown earlier is a lot like what Hammerli was using in the 19th century.

Copy and photos supplied by Heinz Ahlers.

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  1. I have a similar jaeger, in rougher shape, with similar triggers. The tang has a wood screw as you describe. I think the triggers on mine were installed when the gun was modified in the percussion era. It still has the original triggerguard, but the front tang was cut off, and a hole was threaded at the front base of the bow, making the guard removable similar to a shotgun guard. It's a 3 lever triggers, and I think the gun originally had a more common 2 lever triggers. I think this happened the same time the gun was converted to percussion, and a tang site added. The tang site hole has since been plugged, by what looks like oak or beech. I wonder if this gun hasn't had a similar makeover?