Monday, March 12, 2012

Jeff Bibb Hunting Pouch and Horn

The bag is copied from an original found in Guilford County, NC. It is made from unlined cowhide and measures about 8" wide by 8.5" deep. The interesting overlay panels are stitched to the front of the bag and the flap, forming a type of cross motif. The horn is a traditional NC ringed and banded horn that measures about 14" around the curve. The base plug is walnut and the two-piece tip is turned from antler. The horn is scraped pretty thin and is very translucent so that powder is easily seen inside. The 50 grain measure is turned from antler, and the pan brush is turned from horn. The original bag is pictured in C. Michael Briggs' book about North Carolina powder horns.

Copy and photos supplied by Jeff Bibb.

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