Thursday, March 22, 2012

Antique German Fowler Hunting Bag

Here is something new in my collection. I found it here in Germany; it's an old German fowler hunting bag. How old the bag really is is hard to say. But in the past I saw a lot of them in this style and that kind of bags had cartridge loops inside for 16 or 12 gauge. This kind of bags are normaly late19th to early 20th century. Mine has no cartrige loops and looks to me much earlier. Special for kind of the inside lining, the decoration of the leather, the two inner pockets and the buckle. So it could be early 19th  or late 18th century. The size of the bag are as following: 14 1/2 inch wide and 11 1/2 high. It's not in a very good shape, a lot of the lining is gone and I think it saw a lot of service in the woods.  But it match real nice with my antique flintlock guns.

Copy and photos supplied by Manfred Schmitz.


  1. Are you certain those were loops for 19th & 20th c. shotgun shells?

    I have seen a few very old German hunting bags with what I assumed were loops for hand rolled paper cartriges.

  2. Manfred, An excellent bag. Thank you for posting it.


  3. Manfred sent an email:

    There are two comments on the blog, one ask if the loops that he saw on some old German bags for paper cartridge. I don't believe that the reason is the loops are on the top of the bag (upper section) and there are just loops and not closed at the bottom. The paper cartride would not really keep place in such loops - like a shot shell do (with rim).

    I saw here in Germany in some hunting collections (museum) a lot of old fowler bags and all of the old ones do not have loops. If they have an inner bag for paper cartridges than maybe like the military ones with an wooden block inside to hold them safe and without pressure.

    Greetings from Cologne Germany