Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 CLA Live Auction: The 18th Century Campaign Horn by Scott and Cathy Sibley

We hope you enjoyed the Tecumseh Trade gun post. The 2012 Contemporary Longrifle Association live auction committee is proud to present the second piece from the auction. This project from Scott and Cathy Sibley is our next special preview.

Noted contemporary horners Scott and Cathy Sibley created this beautiful horn with help from other CLA members who have unselfishly donated time and materials. The raw horn was graciously donated by Powder Horns and More of Morro Bay, California. The hand made paper for the documents was made by Lynn Kalan of Salt Lake City, Utah. Artist and author Robert Weil of Los Angeles, California printed the basic documents. The elegant 18th century style writing was provided by Honest Brother David Hughes of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania.

Sibley states, “Some time ago I set a goal to make a horn for every Sibley that had fought in the War of Independence. Sadly I have fallen far short of my goal. According to the National Archives, there were close to 100 Sibleys that served. The owner listed on this horn is not a Sibley, but rather the grandfather of my Great Grandfather. I used his service records, his request for a soldier’s pension dated June 12, 1819, his wife’s request for his soldier pension after his death dated July 10, 1850 and family lore to design this horn. I let the horn dictate to me as I was shaping the tip. One shape led to another, I wanted it to be authentic, so I had to keep it fairly simple. As I was shaping it, my mind was racing with some ideas for the decoration to be applied by Cathy. Upon completion the horn was aged a bit to add to the feeling of authenticity.”

“We have been seriously making powder horns since 1976. We were inspired to start by America’s Bicentennial. Additional inspiration has come from the awareness of my family’s involvement in the founding of this country. We hope that the horns that we are crafting, even though they are replicas, are helping to preserve American history. Very often they commemorate soldiers who gave so this country could grow and prosper. Cathy and I are honored that so many people have thought enough of our horns to add them to their collections over the years. We hope to be going strong for a few more years.”

The horn and discharge papers

Left side in profile

Detail of the spout

What we were fighting for, Liberty

Bible verse engraved onto the horn

Right side in profile

Close up of carving

Close up of carving

We are proud to offer this at the 2012 Live Auction

All the artists involved in this outstanding piece are proud to offer this powder horn to the Contemporary Longrifle Association. It will be auctioned off at the Annual Show August 18, 2012 in Lexington Kentucky.

Photos by David Wright.

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