Friday, March 9, 2012

Pennsylvania "Horns of the Trade" Screw-tip Powder Horns and Their Architecture by Arthur J. DeCamp

Art DeCamp and the Kentucky Rifle Foundation have teamed up to produce a book that will be recognized as the 'go to' source for information and detailed photographs of Screw-tip powder horns for many years to come. Art shares the information and knowledge he has gathered together over the years since he was a young man collecting Screw-tip horns. His writing skills makes this an interesting and easy to follow history book as well as a photo essay of some of the finest examples of Screw-tip horns known.

Published by the Kentucky Rifle Foundation the book was released to the public 3/1/12. First week mail order and show sales equaled 15% of the total books available. A strong indication of the books initial acceptance by the collector as well as the student of Screw-tip horns.
An early review of Art's book mentioned "there is something for everyone in this book". The historian and interested collector will benefit from Art's impressive documentation. The modern day maker of Screw-tip horns will be delighted by the high quality detailed photos found throughout the 317 pages of the book. Congratulations are due both Art and the Kentucky Rifle Foundation for a job well done.

There is an overall map that shows the counties in PA where the Screw-tip horns were made. Each chapter starts with a map of that county. The horns are shown with a close up of the tip and butt then a full shot of the horn. Some of the chapters are Early Philadelphia Horns, Late Philadelphia Horns, Berks County, Lehigh/Northampton, Upper Delaware Valley, Bucks County, Montgomery/Chester County, York County, Adams County, Lancaster, Dauphin County, Southeastern PA Horns, Franklin county, Centre County and Unknown Horns.

All profits from the sale of KRF books and DVDs go toward future KRF projects.

To Order: Send check or money order for $89 plus $11 s&h to:
Kentucky Rifle Foundation,
PO Box 768532-R,
Roswell GA 30076

(Pennsylvania Residents please remember to ad 6% sales tax)

This book will be available to purchase at the Baltimore Gun Show, the 34th Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show and the 2012 CLA Show.

'Preserving the Heritage of the Kentucky Rifle'

Copy and photos provided by Henry Bishop. Additional copy by Jan Riser.

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  1. This is an excellent book and well worth the money! Art's extensive knowledge of these wonderful horns and ther history all in one publication...what more could one ask for! Great Job Art!!