Sunday, March 11, 2012

Living with a Collection: Hunting Pouches

Jan Riser coverlet haversack for Art in the corner

Left to right: Joe Mills bag with antique horn, 

Joe Mills bag and antique horn

Joe Mills game bag with antique horn

"Old Piggy" by Joe Mills

Brian Barker Ax behind "Old Piggy"

Joe Mills bag with antique horn

Joe Mills hunting pouch and antique horn

Jack Hubbard bag with antique horn

Jack Hubbard with antique horn

Art Riser bear skin pouch with Scott and Cathy Sibley Horn

Jack DuPrey hunting pouch and horn
(details with out the horn)

Ken Scott hunting pouch with antique horn

If you touch on the name highlighted in color you will be taken to a post with details of the bag. If the name is not in color then there has not been a post on that bag.

Photos by Jan Riser.

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