Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ron Luckenbill After an Adam Burkett Rifle

I was commissioned to build a copy of an Adam Burkett rifle for the Jefferson C. Historical Society for a fund raiser. This resulted in three more orders for the same rifle. (One member of the family won the raffle gun, three more wanted it). Many of the late period percussion rifles are more of a challenge to build than some realize. The wear plates, comb plates, and inlays, etc. all present different challenges. The flower inlays at the toe of each of these rifles has a mother of pearl center. Building three seemed to be more than three times the work. These neat little rifles have a 27" 15/16 barrels. The original was 36 cal. Two of the recreations were built in 50 cal. and one in 36. One was finished out with a flintlock  lock so the gun could be used in the PA late muzzle loading season.

Copy and photos supplied by Ron Luckenbill.

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