Friday, May 20, 2011

David Crisalli Ebony and Silver Horn

I had a horn too thin to do any carving and too bland in color to be of much interest.  However, kept it around for quite some time trying to come up with an idea of what to do with it.  Ended up scraping it thin enough to see through, just to see what it looked like and then decided that the bland color might look good with a very dark wood screw tip and base plug.  Turned the base plug, screw tip, and stopper out of ebony and decorated them with cast sterling silver stars.  The base plug is made with a threaded cascabel for easy filling and is sealed with a leather gasket.  The screw tip has a thin brass liner that has a tapered pour hole.  The stopper is tapered to fit.  Silver bands and the maker’s mark were added to decorate the body of the horn.  The strap swivels are also of sterling silver except for the heat blued steel screws.  The base plug is held in place with citrus thorns and the horn is 14 inches around the outside of the curve, including the base and screw tip.

Copy and photos supplied by David Crisalli.

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