Monday, May 16, 2011

David Rase Southwest Virginia Rifle

This is my interpretation of what an iron mounted rifle from S.W. Virginia might have looked like in the 1820's.  The heart of the rifle is the .50 caliber 42" long by 7/8" diameter Green Mountain barrel set into a piece of moderately curly maple that has been finished with aquafortis, and boiled linseed oil.  Ignition is provided by a late Ketland flintlock manufactured by Ron Long.  All the mounts are hand forged from sheet steel.  The silver bladed front sight with the double copper dovetails and the rear sight were manufactured by hand.  The chevron nose cap is poured pewter.  The 8 stars in the muzzle are sterling silver. 

Copy and photos supplied by David Rase.


  1. David, I like everything about that rifle. Excellent, thanks for posting
    Thanks for shhowing it


  2. Ditto! I don't recall seeing a southern gun I've liked as well. Like the patchbox especially.

  3. Nicely executed, top shelf!


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