Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 West Coast Horn Fair Report

All proclaim that the West Coast Horn Fair was a stunning success. Everything from the show's location to the closing banquet worked together to educate and entertain the participants.

We had two full days of highly informational presentations by artisans such as Steve Vance, Steve Skillman, Scott Morrison, Jim Smith, Glenn Sutt and David Rase.

Another group of people that deserves mention are those involved in the setting up and organizing of the event. Scott Morrison and Ike Bay spent time investigating locations and getting pricing for them. Steve Skillman was in charge of organizing the schedule of classes. Jim Smith and Chip Kormas provided valuable input on several matters. Rick Sheets helped with the website and many other technical items.
And then, there was the Heathman Lodge itself. I think everyone agreed it was a fantastic location for the event. I think it could best be described as elegantly rustic. My two contacts there were fantastic to work with. Colleen Meyers in Sales and Katy Shumaker in Catering helped put together one fantastic time for us. Thank you ladies.

There were 19 display tables set up in a spacious 2,000 square foot hall. The center grouping of tables was reserved for the seminar presenters to display their work. Also one table featured all the raffle prizes for all to see prior to the drawings.

On Friday at noon, Kim of the Oregon Historical Society brought an original horn by Francis Tansel for display. I believe just about everyone spent some time looking at this incredible horn. What a rare opportunity for people to view this historical piece.

Copy supplied by John and Linda Shorb.

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