Monday, August 24, 2009

KRA Display and Simon Kenton at Circa History Guild

Members of the Kentucky Rifle Association set up their display from the 2009 CLA Show at Circa History Guild in Marietta, GA on Friday, August 21, 2009. There was a talk by Bill Potter, curator, on the westward movement over the Appalachians into Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio and the importance of the longrifle. Afterwards members of the KRA discussed Kentucky rifles and answered questions from the audience.

J. Shriver
York Co., Penn.
ca. 1775

Michael Humble
Lincoln Co., Kentucky
ca. 1780

Henry Spitzer (attributed)
New Market, VA
ca. 1800

North Carolina (unattributed)
ca. 1825

Jacob Kuntz (attributed)
Philadelphia, Penna.
ca. 1815

Raised platform around the tang is one of the attributes of a Kuntz.

Kuntz rifle and pistol.

Wiley G. Higgins (attributed)
Indian Springs, Georgia
ca. 1830
"The Gamecock Rifle"

John Bonewitz
Womelsdorf, Penna.
ca. 1800

J. B. Beck
Lebanon, Penna.
ca. 1790

Saturday, August 22, Mel Hankla presented his impersonation of Simon Kenton.

Art Riser and Earl Lanning visiting before the show.

Bill Potter, from Circa, Wayne Elliott, Mel Hankla, Henry Bishop and Tom Little.

Photos by Jan Riser.

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