Sunday, August 30, 2009

Artist and Displays at the CLA Show 2009

Arnie and Natalie Dowd Display

A Lexington, Kentucky "School"
Left-Handed "Kentucky Rifle"
Circa 1815- 1820

Maker - Unknown
Owner - Henry Risingson of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a Blacksmith and a Whitesmith.

Identifiable and Unique Features:

1. The specific design of the Patchbox, especially the finial and the lid which is enclosed by the patch-box frame.

2. The Stock architecture, especially the long wrist and the saddle-shaped Cheedrest.

3. The Lobe on the forward post of the trigger-guard bow.

4. The various artistic symbols (including the tools of a Blacksmith) which are engraved on the top barrel flat.

5. The Patented Hook-Breech and oval, silver Signature-plate.

6. The wonderful "Folk-Art" inlays - especially the "Eagle and Serpent" which represents Good conquering Evil, the sly smart and cunning Fox, the patriotic Eagle facing left and the astrological symbols of the Sun, Moon & Star.

Copy by Arnie Dowd and photos by Jan Riser.

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