Friday, August 7, 2009

Mike Brooks English Fowling Gun

Mid Eighteenth century English fowling gun stocked in a unstained super dense piece of English walnut with black mineral streaks. It features a 44" Getz 12 bore barrel with .015 jug choke. Aged steel mounts with extensive hand cut engraving featuring a bow and quiver on the butt plate. Chambers "Virginia" lock with English export style engraving. Sterling silver side plate, and thumb escutcheon cast from originals. Gargoyle sterling silver front sight. The grip rail of the trigger guard as well as the forward return of the butt plate are secured with hidden nail and slide attachments as were some of the originals. The owner's name is engraved on the back side of the butt plate as were some originals. The gun weighs 7 1/4 lbs and should serve as a lively upland gun.

Copy and photos supplied by Mike Brooks.

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