Sunday, August 9, 2009

18th Century Items

c. 1759 American green dyed bone knife and fork set with decorated silver bands

c. 1790 English blue decorated Pearlware strainer

c. 1770 Colonial American Coiled Iron Snake - kept in Colonial homes to ward off evil spirits, dug near Williamsburg, VA. These were used on the hearth and have been found mainly in VA and NC.

c. 1800 French Folding Knife

c. 1770 Indian Trade Round Copper Brooch, about 4" in diameter

The Knife on the right is an 18th Century Colonial American horn folding knife with a brass pipe tamper end.

c. 1765 Colonial American Rounded Redware Teapot with incised lines

Photos by Jan Riser.


  1. Your iron snake is most likely from Africa, Burkina Faso, Lobi iron currency. Google "Burkina Faso Lobi iron Snake" and click on images to see dozens.

  2. As a researcher, I am very interested in how the "redware teapot" was determined and where it was found. It is a puzzling piece to me and I certainly would like to learn more about this piece.