Saturday, November 2, 2013

Osvaldo and Martin Gatto

Osvaldo Gatto is a viewer from Argentina who is also a maker of navy and field cannons, pistols and longrifles. Below is a selection of some of his work.
Naval gun with a 3inches caliber also known as navy carronade, but it is fair to admit that the carronades were much shorter and had a bigger caliber.
This type of life-size cannon was used to reach enemy vessels and demolish harbor installations. They used to shoot broadside, that is to say many cannons at the same time. The type of ammunition used included steel cannonballs, chains inside half hollow balls, shrapnel and all kinds of elements which could be put inside the barrel.
It has an extremely strong wooden gun-carriage and elevation was achieved with quoins and a table. Therings on the sides were used to attach the cannon with ropes to the gun deck. When it was shot the cannon recoiled, hiding itself and moving out of the sight of the enemy. What it really did was to move backwards inside the ship, something that was considered an opportunity to reload the cannon. This is so because, like all cannons made during that period, they had to be loaded from the muzzle of the gun.
The year “1805” is engraved on it. This cannon was made either with bronze or steel.

Cannon with a double gun mount which has its origins in France, built in a 31mm caliber in a 1/3 scale.

Its barrel is made of brass and it has a steel inner lining to make it stronger.
This type of weapon was used in all battlefields in the Napoleonic period. The angle in which it can shoot is corrected by a screw which makes the cannon swing.

Copy and photos from Osvaldo Gatto.

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