Friday, November 1, 2013

Fowler by Chase Davies

Photos supplied by Chase Davies.


  1. Chase,
    What a beautiful fowler! I am just curious about the wood choice. It sure looks like walnut and has a great dark color. I love the chocolate brown. Was the screw for the frissen cover intentionally left protruding? I have not seen anyone else who has done this. Thanks for sharing it.

    Mac Stewart

  2. Thanks for the comment Mac.
    Yes, it is walnut. Finished with Danish Oil and then mink oil.
    The frissen cover is just wrapped around the front lock screw then the screw tightened around it. The screw is still about the same length. It was done after final assembly. I was trying to look at a different way of attaching it rather than just tying it to the trigger guard or something.
    The fowler is also not done to any particular period correctness. It is just a simple English fowler made to my personal liking in furniture.