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18th Century Material Culture Resource Center is a source that we have showcased before here on Contemporary Makers. They have a wealth of topics with images gathered from web sites and museums from around the world. At the bottom of the post on a subject are the links for additional subjects. Some additional topics include Transportation - Carts, Transportation - Gigs, Carriages and Coaches, British Navy, Furniture - Hinged Top Chest, and Veterans of the American War for Independence.

Male Dress: Coats and Waistcoats can be found here.

Welch Grey Wool Coat
Mid 18th Century
Museum of Welsh Life

A Red Frock Coat

Yellow Suit of Clothes

British Red Wool Suit of Clothes c. 1750-1775
Metropolitan Museum of Art

front of the British Red Suit

back of the British Red Suit

American Red Wool Frock Coat
c 1760-1780

Native American can be found here.

by John White 1589-1593

de Batz c. 1735

Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row, Emperor of the Six Nations
by John Verelst c. 1675-1734
Library and Archives Canada

Ostenaco of the Cherokees
by Sir Joshua Reynolds 1762

Oconstota's (Cherokee) French Commission as "Captain grand chef medaille de la ford"
Presented to Him by the French Governor of Louisiana, Louis de Kerlerec in 1761
U.S. National Archives

Northeast Club (Delaware Tribe) Painted Red and Black
c. 1750-1775
(An English Collection-Splendid Heritage. com)

Northeastern Club (Possibly Iroquois or Huron)
c. 1750-1775)
(Morning Star Gallery - Splendid

Powder Horn
Depicting Military Forts along the Hudson River in New York
c. 1750-1775
(Alexander Gallery - Splendid Herritage .com)

Tribe of the Ojibwa-Chippewa Strap
c 1775-1800
(Alexander Gallery - Splendid Herritage .com)

Copy and photos from 18th Century Material Culture Resource Center on Facebook.

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