Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gary Ganas Collection

Canoe Scoop

Double Powder Horn by Gerald Dukes

Knife and Sheath by Wick Ellerbe
Knife is 12 inches long overall. Stag handle. Well made sheath by Ellerbe. 

Decorative Pole Ax
Well done pole ax that is marked, but the maker is unknown to me. Lots of decorative filings. 
Ax head is 5.5 inches across. Haft is 13.75 inches long. 

unknown mark

Knife and Sheath by Scott Summerville
Knife is 13 inches overall. Antler handle. Well made sheath. 
$150. plus $15. shipping in the continental USA.
more images here

Beaver Bill War Club
Gunstock club with iron spike. Nice beads and horsehair drops. 24 inches long. 
$100.00 plus $20. shipping in the continental USA.

Photos by Jan Riser.

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