Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018 CLA Show: Photos of 10 Great Carvers Part I

Ten Great Carvers
Tom Grinslade Display

Unknown Carver
John Deen 1758
Half Moon

Powder horns showing fortifications at Half Moon on the Hudson River are extremely rare. The Half Moon Tavern contains a sugar bowl, a glass and a bottle with two men fencing outside the tavern.

Note: The images and the description on this horn do not match.

PEv Robertson
James Coachman
Havanna 1765

The name of the maker of this horn is known because it appears on a similar horn. PEv Robertson was a skilled professional engraver who made 6 or 7 known horns from such places as Havana, Charleston and St. Augustine. On then were his fine work showing the British arms, buildings and ships often with a red coloring.

Map Horn Carver
French and Indian War

Although the maker is unknown, the carver of this map horn made several similar horns.  Most of them show the routes to Canada via the Hudson River and the Mohawk River.  This horn also displays the Saint Lawrence River to Quebec and Montreal.  His rivers, ships, horses and soldiers are all drawn in a recognizable style.

Samuel Lounsbury
Samuel Lounsbury
Fort No 4 175?

Samuel Lounsbury was a contemporary of John Bush and he also made great powder horns.  His outstanding calligraphy, Artistic designs and the use of the letters  “W” “A” “R” were trademarks exclusive to him.

Jacob Gay
Capt James McCalley
Cambridge 1775

Jacob Gay was a prolific maker of powder horns who worked over a long period of time, from the French and Indian Was to the Revolutionary War. Figures of many different animals, marching soldiers and a distinctive cartouche containing a soldier’s name as well as the date and place appear on many of his horns.

There is a Jacob Gay horn and a John Bush horn in the Walt O'Connor Auction at Morphy Auction that will be on September 26th. Photos of those horns can be seen on the blog here.

Photographed at the 2018 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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