Thursday, September 20, 2018

2018 CLA Show: Photos of 10 Great Carvers Part II

10 Great Carvers

Richard Cresey
Captain Edward Brown 1760
Crown Point

Richard Cresey was one of the most talented cavers of powder horns.  His production of almost a dozen known horns spanned a period of 21 years from 1758 to 1779.  Most of his horns featured the figure of a Hellhorse.  He enlisted as a drummer from Connecticut and was also a gunsmith in the Continental Army.

John Bush
John Megherd 1756
Fort William Henry

Admired for is stylized flower designs and artistic ability, John Bush was an early carver during the French and Indian War whose work influenced many of the powder horn makers who followed him.  Only 8 or 9 horn by him have survived.

Siege of Boston Carvers
James Van Gilder 1775

The James Van Guilder powder horn is represented of the many “Siege of Boston” horns.  On this horn is a fort labeled Roxbury, shows along with soldiers, cannons and a ship.  During the siege other sites surrounding Boston, such as Cambridge, Fort #3, Winter Hill and Bunker Hill are often displayed.

Folk Art Carvers
Spicer Millerd c. 1776

 The maker of the Spicer Millerd Horn displays the artistic ability of an outstanding folk art carver.  His figure of a soldier carrying a sword and a Halberd is a very distinctive image.  Also, his folk art figures include a winking owl, nine birds and four other animals.

Andrew Clark
Shubal Bragg 1776
Penobscot Expedition

Andrew Clark is known for extremely fine engraving of political scenes from the Revolutionary War on his powder horns.  He copied pictures like the Boston Massacre and cartoons such as “The Able Doctor or America swallowing the British draught”.  Only 8 or 9 of his horns are known.

 Photographed at the 2018 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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