Monday, October 10, 2016

Hunting Pouch and Powder Horn Set by "The Two Tims"...

Tim Crosby and Tim Albert worked together on this one. 
Tim Crosby made the horn and TC Albert made the pouch. 

The classic Philadelphia style powder horn has a beautiful turned and threaded tip that screws into the applied collar.  An antique fiddle peg serves as a fancy stopper, and the turned hardwood base plug is fitted up to a turned horn base band.  The horn hangs by a wire throat staple and twisted wire base loop on leather keeper straps fastened with antique brass harness spots, The pouch flap is decorated with three more. An antique brass harness buckle on the back of the pouches strap allows for length adjustment, while a patch knife and a sheath decorated with a few more matching harness spots is attached to the front.

Copy and photos supplied by T.C. Albert.

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