Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016 CLA Show: Photos

Frank and Lally

This display is dedicated to the artistic journey of Frank and Lally House.  The flintlock rifles, accoutrements and quillwork represent of their early work as well as their latest artistic achievements.

The artwork by Frank and Lally represents their interpretation of original works through their unique and creative vision.

Frank’s artistic style and interpretive talent is shown in the flintlock rifles, knives, tomahawks and powderhorn shown on display.

Lally’s dedication to the Native American art form of quillwork and moose-hair embroidery is evident in her designs and styles.  Each of her works of art displayed here represents her mastery of natural dyes, native American styles and techniques.

Mike Mills

The following collectors from the Owensboro, KY area contributed to this display:

Curley maple flintlock rifle, pipe tomahawk, spike hawk, quilled horn strap, quilled knife strap and sheath, quilled knife sheath and eye-glass case.
Mike and Laine Mills

English style flintlock rifle, well worn quilled knife sheath
Joe Mills

Maple stock smooth bore flintlock rifle, quilled knife sheath, quilled scissor case and neck knife.
Dr. John and Vicki Hast

Quilled watch case.
Dr. Phil Hurley

Copy by Mike Mills and photographed at the 2016 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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