Friday, October 21, 2016

Accouterment for a Market Hunter in the Three Rivers Area by Jack Weeks

I imagined the equipment a market hunter in the three Rivers area would have carried to collect skins and to furnish meat for the garrison and the village at Fort Pitt. Some things he could have made for himself, some he could have traded for locally. Our hunter used a smoothbore French fusil de chasse to kill big game with round ball and use the same gun for turkeys and waterfowl.  In the process of gathering and creating items, I had contributions from three CLA artists. I made all the leather items of vegetable tanned cow hide. I hand dyed them then finished each with bear oil and beeswax.

The equipment includes clockwise from the top:
1. A lock cover
2. An antique powder horn contributed by Rick Lorenzen of Michigan
3. A hand woven horn strap by Shayna Matthews of Maryland
4. A flint wallet containing extra flints and a gun worm.
5. An iron turn screw and a brass vent pick
6. A bullet pouch for round ball and buck shot
7. An antler powder measure by Kenny Nichols of Alabama
8. A leather powder funnel with a goose quill extension
9. A shot pouch with a thread spool spout
10. A 9x12 hunting pouch with a pinwheel hex sign pierced on the flap, a 3 inch gusset, a full length partition.  It carries an attached knife sheath.
11. A broken razor knifed hafted with a deer leg bone
12. A wooden loading block with a shell toggle

Copy and photo supplied by Jack Weeks.


  1. Its great to see displays promoting our art, that bring together not only the art of different artist, but also "tell a story". Great Job!
    Paul Fennewald

  2. Jack, a great hunting set that has been well thought out. Nicely done