Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 CLA Show: Photos

The Winchester Virginia School
Bob and Sylvia Roughton

The Winchester School is composed mostly by the large Sheetz Family of Gunsmiths, and the Lauck Family.  These pieces represent the best of both families.

Jerry Kirkland – Copied from one in the DuPont collection, a high quality Lauck, one of his best. 44 1/2” Barrel .45 Caliber

Ron Ehlert – A variation of the Frederick Sheetz Rifle in my collection.  A tribute to Ron’s ability.  44” Barrel .50 Caliber

Brian LaMaster – Another variation of a Lauck Rifle, exemplying Brian’s knowledge of Virginia Rifles. 44” Barrel .50 Caliber

Don March - 1987 Variation of a Lauck Rifle, Serial #31 Well-crafted rifle, done near the end of Don’s building career. 42” Barrel .50 Caliber

J. Brennan - #50 Beautiful Winchester School, Silver Mounted A mile-stone production in the Jud tradition. 44” Barrel .45 Caliber

Judson Brennan – Beautiful variation of the Winchester School as only Jud can do.  Attractive silver flower finial and loads of silver wire.  Serial No. 104, marked under the patch box lid. 42” Barrel .45 Caliber

Jud Brennan - #115A Taken from a Lauck Rifle, with typical carving and wire work, paired with the Pistol below. 44” Barrel .50 Caliber

Jud Brenan - #115B mate to the Rifle above, nicely carved.  Winchester Pistols are rare.  Note the long 13” Barrel, .50 Caliber

Jud Brennan - #89 A copy of the Famous Sheetz Rifle in the Williamsburg Collection 45 3/8” Barrel .50 Caliber

Carl Pippert – A nice variation of a Simon Lauck Rifle.  One of Carl’s last. 42 15/16” Barrel .45 Caliber

Allen Martin – A Bench copy of the petite Lauck Rifle inn my collection.  Nice Job. 42 1/8” Barrel .50 Caliber

Michael McHugh – A Variation of a Sheetz Rifle.  One of my “shooters” 44” Barrel .50 Caliber

Brian LaMaster – Frederick Sheetz variation, neat double cavity patch box.  Have a look. 42” Barrel .45 Caliber

GOD has blessed us as caretakers of these Rifles
Please feel free to carefully examine them.

Thank you for looking at our display.

Copy by Bob and Sylvia Roughton and photographed at the 2016 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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