Monday, October 3, 2016

The Longrifle Makers of Guilford County by C. Michael Briggs

This is a thoroughly researched volume dealing with the rifles and their makers. The author is well acquainted with the history of Gilford County and the gunsmiths who worked there. He provides the reader with a wealth of information about the builders as well as an amazing number of full color photos of the rifles.

The book begins with a thoughtful discussion of the history of the Early Deep River School and the Jamestown School. This is followed by a listing of the gunsmiths along with information about each man. Maps help the reader to better visualize the areas under discussion.

The volume also provides a bit of insight into all of the other longrifle schools in North Carolina.

The extensive collection of color photographs along with information about the pieces shown is impressive. There are eighty-five pages of photographs total. This section is followed by some very interesting genealogical information regarding the Lamb family of gun builders.

The author has also included a number of informative articles that have been published through the years that deal with the area of interest.  There are also some copies of hand written documents that will be of great interest to the reader. These documents provide great insight into the men, their families and their craft.

The book concludes with some fascinating contemporary photographs of the graves of a number of the builders. There are also recent photos of home sites and locations of the old gunsmith shops.

This is quite a nice collection of information put together with passion and enthusiasm by a man who truly knows and cares about his subject. Well done.

The Longrifle Makers of Guilford County is available for $40.00 plus $4 postage. Orders should be sent to: Michael Briggs at 103 Battle Road, Greensboro, N.C. 27410

Review by Art Riser.

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