Monday, October 11, 2010

Mark Thomas

Inspired by original pieces in some museum collections. I fashioned this coconut with not the intent of using as a drinking vessel but for dry goods, nuts, but the form is of a goblet. When I finished it I was pleased to know it would hold water for 10 seconds. 

The base of the goblet is made from silver sheet and twisted silver wire, the base is built in three pieces. The cradle that is holding the coconut shell is pinned, as is the rim and no adhesives were used.  The shell itself is chip carved with a typical design of the period.

As a goldsmith friend in England said, he believed the coconut to be the poor mans tortoise shell, and I would concur. It is a material that is very durable, difficult to carve yet holds the detail much better than materials.

Copy and photos supplied by Mark Thomas.

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