Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cowan's Auction Items

10" length, engrailed edge, raised ring, wood plug. Engraved "First I was wore by an ox in full pride but now I am filled full of powder and wore by a soldier" His horn 3 regt. Engraved with trees and vines and a man. A lion on both sides of a crown.

Leather; hand-sewn with a piping of leather added over the seams. Eagle embossed on the front of the pouch; the flap embossed with floral designs.

Colonial barrel banded canteen with wooden plug. 8.5" diameter x 4.25" depth.

Lockplate is 9.75" in length and has markings on the rear of lockplate in the shape of a heart divided into four sections and the letters V E I C appear in the four sections of heart. Lockplate is also dated 1793 and marked Memory.

.45 caliber, 43" octagonal barrel, marked on top of barrel 6" from the breech a signature brass escutcheon inlayed with John Armstrong in script. Forward action percussion lock with "JA"engraved in script on the lockplate and engraved hammer. Barrel held to stock by four wedges, pig tail trigger, brass triggerguard, buttplate, engraved patchbox, engraved toe plate, engraved sideplate, brass nose cap and thimbles. Silver thumb plate, silver oval with engraved eagle inlayed on the cheek piece. Raised carving on the left side of the buttstock, a checkered pattern under cheek piece, raised carving around the tang, and behind the rear thimble. Incised carved lines running parallel on both sides of barrel. Curly maple full stock

Tansel Engraved Powder Horn. 12.5" horn, engraved with dogs chasing deer. E. Pluribus Unum engraved in banner with eagle and shield. Raised ring; with wood plug.

.40 caliber, 45.5" octagonal barrel, no markings, front sight has a nice punch dot border. No markings on lockplate. Full stock Walnut with iron furniture. A patch hole in the right side of stock. No butt plate.

Copy and images from Cowan's Auction.

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