Monday, October 4, 2010

Mark Odle Horn

laminated wood plug

the horn is based on the horn below

"The above powder horn measures 16 1/2" maximum length; 3 1/4"maximum diameter. Power ladle or scoop, above horn is 3 5/16"long. The figures were carefully cut into this horn in thin outline, and the lines appear to have been filled with pine tar or pitch. The thirty two figures of the total design carved around the entire surface are shown below. They include such typical Indian designs as the snake, fish, turkey, crane, other birds, and deer. They also include new designs, as the log cabin, pig, horse, soldier and peacock. This horn is carefully made, and was doubtless finished with wooden and metal parts in a gun shop with a lathe. The designs appear to be free-hand and applied to the horn before the wooden and metal parts were added. There is a stationary wooden bottom in the large end, and a wooden screw in the small end. It is from southwest Alabama and thought by the owner to have been Choctow (Courtesy, L. P. Goodwin)."

Photos of horn by Jan Riser.

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  1. I question the statement, "laminated wood peg"...are you certain this isn't a peg made of Southern Yellow Pine?