Thursday, October 28, 2010

18th Century Quaker Top hat by Morgan Shea for Tim Boone

This is the style hat worn by Stephen Hopkins, signer of the Declaration of Independence and the favorite of Daniel Boone according to his son, Nathan.

Photographed at the 2010 CLA Show by Jan Riser.


  1. Too bad it is blocked oval instead of round.

  2. Hi Tim

    I am researching the wideawake hat and it seems that the one you had produced fits the bill. The wideawake was one of the hats of choice in the colony of Victoria (Australia) in the mid 1850s and was particulalrly favoured by gold diggers and and bushrangers - there's even a folk song reference. I am trying to source a maker so that I can purchase one for a presentation I am making. Can you give me a link to a maker, please?