Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Band Box Covered with Marbleized Paper by Marsha Hibbs

The art of marbling paper had it's origin in Japan around 800 AD and by the 1600's the finest papers were being made in Germany and Holland. The dutch in an effort to avoid import duties, often wrapped items to be exported to England in marbled paper. In turn, by ironing out the wrapping the English bookbinders were able to press them and reuse them as endpapers in their bindings. Some designs were French Curl, Peacock, Dutch Feather and Flame.
The concept is to suspend colors on a thick watery medium as oil floats on water and comb or swirl the colors depending on the pattern and finally transferring the design by touching it with the paper for just a moment. These papers were used in the bookbinding process and early bandboxes.
Today I am using these papers to cover blank books and bandboxes. The bandbox had been used as early as the 17th century. Although some boxes were constructed of thin bent veneer, the majority wre made of pasteboard. These boxes were used to store personal finery such as collare, jewelry, ribbons and hairpieces. some of the larger boxes were used as stagecoach luggage.
Each of these boxes or books are completely handmade---from the creation of the marble paper to the finished box or book.
Upon receiving this book or bandbox, you will have acquired some of tomorrow's heirlooms.

$45 plus shipping. Can deliver to the CLA Show. 
arteries@mindspring.com for additional information.

Copy by Marsha Hibbs with photos by Jan Riser.

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