Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 CLA Show: Photos

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Display

"Kentucky Rifles Made in Kentucky"
This Kentucky Rifle Foundation display has been made possible by the following individuals who have generously loaned their guns to the KRF for this show.

Harold Edwards
Jim Caudill
Charles Lawson
Jack Tinder

More photos of the Kentucky rifle chest can be seen here.
circa 1790-1829

The Kentucky map powder horn is by Bruce Horne and more photos can be seen here.

Pistol by Koppikus
Lexington, Kentucky

Benjamin Mills
Mason City, Stanford, Harrodsburg, Lexington

West Family
Georgetown, Kentucky

Danville, KY

Revolutionary War Pistols

American made Revolutionary War pistols are the rarest of all colonial arms collectables.  They can be distinguished from their more common French and British counterparts by careful examination.

Generally speaking, the workmanship of American makers is often not as refined as the work of foreign gunmakers.  American curley maple is identifiable and American carving and engraving is usually cruder than the work of foreign craftsmen.

The flintlock pistol owned by Samuel Callender was carried by him when he was a trooper riding with Daniel Morgan;s Raiders.

another view of above pistol

another view of above pistol

Note: At the Lake Cumberland Show Mel Handle always has a speaker on Saturday afternoon. One year the speaker was Harold Edwards who gave a presentation on Kentucky gunmakers. The presentation included slides of homes and homesite of those makers.

 Photographed at the 2916 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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