Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016 CLF Auction Item: Hunting Bag and Accoutrements by Jack Weeks

Jack Weeks is a repeat donor to the CL Foundation Auction. Jack is an accomplished maker and a careful researcher. His leather powder funnel with a goose quill spout is a neat and useful addition to the pouch.

Here is a description of the Shot Pouch in Jack's own words.

"When I start a leather project, after some research, I like to imagine I am creating an item that will one day be a family treasure,"part of Grandpa's hunting outfit." A bag that could have been made at home, purchased from an apprentice harness maker or a travelling cordwainer.

I strive for a "used" look but well cared for, fully functional bag and accoutrement. A piece of equipment a hunter, militiaman, or ranger used and relied on.

Description of Donated Items:
1. An 8x9 square bag with a gusset, a fringed welt on the sides and bottom. It is of vegetable tanned cowhide, hand sewn with waxed linen thread and finished with beeswax and Michigan black bear oil. The strap is fixed with aged D rings and an aged buckle that is a reproduction of one found on the Yorktown Battlefield ( Smiling Fox Forge). The bag has a large interior pocket.
2. A vegetable tanned shot pouch with a tooled hex sign and a white cedar stopper.
3. A vent pick with a stone bead.
4. A deer antler powder measure. 60grs.
5. A leather powder funnel with a goose quill extension for filling a powder horn."

Jack Weeks can be contacted by email at

Copy by Heinz Ahlers & Jack Weeks with photos supplied by the CLF.

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