Saturday, October 5, 2013

Very Rare Flintlock Allemaengel School Hess Family Boys Rifle at James Julia

Cal. .50 smoothbore. Boy’s rifles are extremely difficult to locate. Many cut off rifles or ladies rifles are mistaken to be boy’s rifles. This true boy’s rifle has a 35" full oct unmarked bbl, and features a short trigger pull and a smaller forend as well, which is correct for a boy’s gun. Rifle has a typical Hess family two piece brass patchbox and an arrow back toe plate. Gun is a late one screw flintlock. Stock has the Lehigh County red violin finish and the ramrod ferrules are of the Hess family style. 

PROVENANCE: Collection of Woody Frey. 

CONDITION: Condition of this piece is excellent with exception of a small piece of wood missing on the right hand side of the tang. 4-48491 RG9 (4,000-6,000)

Copy and photos from James Julia.

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