Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hunting Pouches and Horns with Accessories at James Julia Auction

This is a fine grouping of 18th and early 19th century hunting bags with associated attached horns. Also included in this lot are five loose bullet molds, one of two piece soapstone variety, an extra patch knife with bone handle, two vent picks with chains, one tin powder measure, one pewter powder measure, four loose powder horns, one small one signed "A. Young 1834" that measures only 4-1/2", and one 13" carved green horn signed "John Worn 1763" and "JOHN WORN HIS POWDOR HORN". Each of these ensembles of bag with attached horn displays beautifully with hand inked calligraphy plaques. Bag 1 measures about 8" x 8" with 11" screwtip horn. Plaque reads "Early gracefulness is seen in this double gusset outfit. Originally tanned with amber colored hair remaining it matched the brilliant but mellow color of the early eastern Pennsylvania screwtip horn". Bag 2 measures 8" across by 7" tall with an 8" horn with screwtip and orig carved plug. Plaque describes bag 2: "Fine workmanship is evident in this tooled leather pouch and its accompanying cherry screwtip horn. Dated Apr. 8, 1827 it personifies the Maryland riflemakers and their artistic workmanship". Bag 3 is also 8" across by 7" tall with about a 9" horn and a crown stag handled patch knife that has integral scabbard sewn on back of pouch. Plaque for this bag describes: "The Pennsylvania hunting pouch is typified in this outfit. Its totally rugged practicality is offset by a brass adjustment buckle and a rare initialed pewter capped patch knife". The last hunting ensemble in this group is a typical Bedford County rig with a beautifully carved and patinaed walnut burl whistle attached by thong along with powder measure. A 9" double edged dagger pointed patch knife is well patinaed with a 5" blade. Plaque states that this rig was used as a reference in the Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch by Madison Grant. Plaque describes "Bedford County hunting bags show a uniqueness which is exemplified in this outfit. Tanned with the hair remaining, it has an extra long closure flap and a regionally popular wide shoulder strap. Hanging from the strap is an unusually fine bone measure and a burl whistle. The lead riveted sheath holds a wooden handled patch knife". 

PROVENANCE: Collection of Frank Sujansky 

CONDITION: Ensembles are good overall with numerous holes and repairs and replaced leather straps in places. Horns are overall very good to fine with good patina to bodies, plugs, and tops. Patina to knives and carved whistle are very good and with exception of some restored straps all parts appear orig and "as found". Miscellaneous additional horns, ball molds, etc are in good to very good condition. The 1763 dated "John Worn" horn has a 3" x 1/2" putty repair between horn body and plug. 4-49503 JS239 (4,000-6,000)

Copy and photos from James Julia.

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