Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Discussion on the guns, sells and prices from the James Julia Auction that was on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October at American Longrifles Forum here. Below are several of the pieces that were posted on the bog with their estimated and realized prices.

Rare Contemporary Pre-Revolutionary War Long Rifle by Master Gunsmith Wallace B. Gusler of Colonial Williamsburg, VA

This masterpiece Kentucky long rifle was made in 1969 by one of the most famous contemporary long rifle makers of all time. Wallace B. Gusler was the first master gunsmith in the Colonial Williamsburg gunmaking shop beginning in 1963. 

ESTIMATE: 4-49417 RG46 (10,000-15,000)

SOLD: (10,000.00 + 2,100.00) = 12,100.00

This is a fine grouping of 18th and early 19th century hunting bags with associated attached horns. Also included in this lot are five loose bullet molds, one of two piece soapstone variety, an extra patch knife with bone handle, two vent picks with chains, one tin powder measure, one pewter powder measure, four loose powder horns, one small one signed "A. Young 1834" that measures only 4-1/2", and one 13" carved green horn signed "John Worn 1763" and "JOHN WORN HIS POWDOR HORN". 

ESTIMATE: 4-49503 JS239 (4,000-6,000)

SOLD: (6,500.00 + 1,365.00) = 7,865.00

Rare Rifle and Accessory Collection Carried by Frontiersman David Cooke

Rifle has a wooden patchbox whose lid appears to be orig to gun. Orig flintlock is simply marked "WARRANTED". The exciting part of this collection is the rifle is accompanied by a large display board on which there is a rich harvest from the past and a perfect comment on our hunting heritage. Everything on the board came with rifle and was carried by frontiersman David Cooke. 

ESTIMATE: 4-49445 RG54 (8,000-12,000)

SOLD: (16,000.00 + 3,360.00) = 19,360.00

Photos and copy from James Julia. Prices from i Collector.

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