Saturday, October 12, 2013

Matched Pair of Relief Carved Revolutionary War Period Kentucky Pistols Attributed to William Shenner

6-3/8" oct to rnd .45 Cal smooth brass unmarked bbls. These pistols have finely figured curly maple stocks and are deeply relief carved behind bbl tangs with Shenner Style carving as found on his rifles. Lock and sideplate mortices trail off into small beaver tails at rear. Hardware is brass with a flower engraved on trigger guard bows and little other engraving except for border engraving on buttcaps, trigger guards and sideplates. There are incised scribe lines beginning at the muzzle on both sides of the forend and trailing back to the sides of the trigger guards. According to Sam Dyke William Shenner was a rifle maker in Reading, PA from 1779-1785 his rifles have never been signed but his guns have been identified from one existing set of signed Shenner pistols. 

PROVENANCE: Frank Sujansky Collection. 

CONDITION: Pistol one has evidence of an old break in stock at top of grip, and its lock is orig flint. Ramrod is a replacement. Pistol two has a very small imperfection filled with wood filler below sideplate, and its lock is a reconversion. Aside from these very minor problems both pistols are in exceedingly nice condition with only the normal dings associated with age. These are a great pair of pistols and they are as found. 4-49456 RG41 (16,000-30,000)

Copy and images from James Julia.

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