Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lehigh Valley Rifle by Eric von Aschwege

The original rifle by Johannes Moll that inspired this build is a large and substantial piece, however the excellent architecture and a few building tricks help make it feel quite a lot slimmer than it really is.  Moll, a contemporary of Rupp and Neihart, produced a few early and somewhat large guns still in existence today.  His work can be seen as transitional example from the earlier and larger Christians Springs rifles into the graceful and slender Lehigh Valley style.  The original rifle has a heavy orange color varnish finish, while this has a red violin varnish "madder" pigment mulled into the finish instead.  Originally built "as new", it has mellowed and developed a wonderful patina with age and use. 

Copy and photos supplied by Eric von Aschwege at Neahkahnie Flintlocks.

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