Saturday, July 28, 2012

Powder Horn and Strap by Chase Davies

I made the horn for my wife this year with a slender horn she took a fancy to (13 5/8" along the outside curve from tip to end of base plug and 6 7/8" around its base diameter).  The horn, base plug and stopper are hand carved and filed.  The base of the horn is kept in its natural shape and the base plug is pinned with wooden pegs.  The wood is cut from a local sage bush (I am sure it may be the first horn attempted with this wood), the largest I have found as of yet along the Fraser River of British Columbia.  Its grain and unique growth make it very extraordinary and attractive.  The horn and wood have been treated with a vegetable based oil and finished with a mink oil.  The horn strap featured is of my own making as well, and is from an old horn that I made out of high school.  It is the McLeod of Lewis tartan and is made in remembrance of the gentleman who introduced me to muzzle-loading.

Copy and photos by Chase Davies.

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