Friday, July 27, 2012

Mitch Yates and the moderators over at American Long Rifles web site have made a very special rifle for the upcoming CLA fund raising auction. This Dickert style rifle was designed to pay tribute to the legendary “Hunters of Kentucky” and their expliots at the Battle of New Orleans under Andrew Jackson. The rifle has a special "Alligator Horse" silver inlay, and silver presentation plack affixed inside the bottom of the patch box. Starting with a stock from Dunlap Woodcrafts, a barrel made by the Getz Barrel Company, a lock from Jim Chambers, brass hardware donated by Reaves Goehring, and barrel inletting done by Mark Wheland, Mitch Yates built and finished this outstanding rifle. The board moderators at the A.L.R. web site also played a part, both in giving physical assistance and moral support to the building of this "show stopping" rifle. Tom Curran did the special engraving, Rich Pierce professionally polished the metal work, and the rest of the moderators purchased assorted materials. Photographs of the finished rifle were taken by Jim Filipski, and they say it all. You will not want to miss seeing this rifle at the show.

For more information about the auction or CLA membership please visit: Longrifle.

Photos by Jim Filipski and text by TC Albert. "Hunters of Kentucky. Or Half Horse and Half Alligator." 1815. The Filson Historical Society.

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